What are the health benefits of massage?

Massage used to be something that was only available at luxury spas or certain health clubs. People did it more for relaxation and to treat themselves to some relaxation.

Today, massages seem to be available just about everywhere. Many large companies allow massage therapists to offer on-site chair massages. It would be tough to find an airport or a mall that doesn’t have massage chairs set up for pay-by-the-minute massages.

If you have never had a professional massage before, you’re missing out; and you might be surprised to learn of all the health benefits you may receive.

There are many different types of massages.

  • Deep Tissue: This technique uses slow and forceful movements that targets deep layers of muscle. This technique is often used to treat injuries.
  • Swedish Massage: This technique uses long gentle movements and is the common form of massage used for relaxation. This is what you will typically get at a luxury spa.
  • Sports Massage: This is a technique that is used to help athletes prevent or treat sports related injuries.
  • Trigger Point Massage: This technique is used to release tension in your muscles after injury or overuse.

There are many other types of massage such as prenatal and infant massage, but these are the most common.

Massage has often been considered an alternative medicine. It is proven to help with reducing stress and muscle tension, but studies are now showing that it may help relieve anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, muscle strains, myofascial pain syndrome, and temporomandibular joint pain.

Let me be clear. Massage is not meant to be a replacement to traditional medical care. It may be a great compliment. Like most things—results will vary.

Risks of massage

Although there are many benefits to receiving a massage, there are risks that you must be aware of. In very rare circumstances, massage can cause internal bleeding, nerve damage, or temporary paralysis.

Be aware that your massage therapist will probably be using massage oils or lotions. If you have any allergies to these products, you will have to find an alternative that works for both you and your massage therapist.

There is something you may want to pay attention to if you are getting your first massage. The first time I received a full-body professional massage, I experienced a bit of nausea a few hours later.

Luckily my massage therapist warned me that this may happen. He explained to me that our muscles sometimes hold toxins in them. As our muscles are massaged, these toxins may enter the bloodstream.

This is a very good thing. Our body can easily process and remove these toxins, but you may feel the effects of it. Don’t worry, it won’t last long, and at least for me, it wasn’t very intense.

Where to find a massage therapist

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If you are not in Wisconsin but you found this site, you can basically just do a Google search for massage and the city you are looking for.

I hope this information was insightful, and hopefully you will be scheduling a massage soon.